CMU Systems Map - Copy of Systems

Institutional Change in Academia

For the past semester, I have been conducting an independent research project with two fellow design majors. We have been studying how to effectively make equitable institutional change in academia and are now in the process of producing a resource guide to aid student activists in making change. 

We began our research by identifying key stakeholders at Carnegie Mellon University including student activists, student government, administrators, faculty, and staff concerned with social change issues on campus. Next we conducted interviews with these subject matter experts, gathering information on methods they found effective or ineffective, obstacles they encountered, and information they wished to share to future change-makers. We then illustrated the institution of CMU through a systems map and analyzed our research findings through this systems perspective

Currently, we are working on synthesizing our research and systems map into a digestible resource for student activists. While we have most of the content written we are still in the process of actually designing the resource guide. We plan to have the guide finalized by early February and available online for anyone interested in changing academia to be more equitable.