Speculative Decolonial Design

This project is an exploration into the future of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I was asked to imagine what a future would look like where we have achieved the 16th development goal; peace, justice, and strong institutions. What events, places, objects, jobs, and organizations would exist in this kind of future?

I first identified what I thought to be the greatest global injustice: colonialism. Then, I considered what a decolonized or decolonizing future would look like. I decided that because decolonialism is an active and intentional process, there must be some type of international decolonial organization. In order to make this organization feel real and accessible I named it the Radical Reparations of Association for the Advancement of Decolonialism and developed a committee within this organization, the Repatriation of Art for Decolonialism committee (RAD). Through a series of future artifacts I illustrated the purpose and history of RADand explained how its decolonial mission promoted global peace, justice, and strong institutions.